Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mr.Gandhi Kumar made member of MSME Board

The President of the Tamilnadu Small and Tiny Industries Association (TANSTIA), Mr D. Gandhikumar, has been appointed as a member of the National Board for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (NBMSME) by the Government of India. Mr Gandhikumar was the former President of the Coimbatore District Small Industries Association. NBMSME's seeks to increase competitiveness and promote all round development of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, a release said


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Anonymous said...

a high reputed person in Coimbatore whose character is highly appreciative. i knew Mr. Gandhikumar from a long time and he's my role model.. the way he leads his life in a simple manner.. hats off sir!!!!.. i saw him many times in spledor bike in Avinashi road in cbe when he was the president of CODISSIA and later when he was the president of TANSTIA. Now he's one of the executive committee member in FISME. proud to know all these sir. keep up your good work.. i dont have enough age to appreciate you but still i bow my head and seek your blessings. may god bless you with all his powers n shower happiness in your life and make all your dreams come true.. wish you happy family life sir. keep going. :)

Anonymous said...

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